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Thu, 8th October 2015, 1:19pm

Hi Bro. David, welcome to our website, and thanks for contacting us.

I have researched our records and I have found your Father, Bro. Archibald Henderson CAMPBELL, MM, and your Godfather Bro. Thomas McNiven LINDSAY MM.

Your Father was born on Wednesday the 25th June 1929, he was a Joiner to trade, and lived at Rhudle, Arrochar. He was Initiated on Wednesday 20th January 1960; he was Passed on Wednesday 3rd February 1960; Raised on 17th February 1960 and Advanced on 16th November 1960.

Your Godfather, Bro. Lindsay, was born on Wednesday 31st July 1929, he was a Chainman, sadly I could not find his address. He was Initiated on Friday 6th April 1951; Passed on Friday 27th April 1951; Raised on Wednesday 3rd October 1951 and Advanced on Wednesday 17th October 1951.

I have not been able to find any record of any Offices, both your Father and your Godfather, may have held in the Lodge.

I do not have any information on their Raising the the Grand Lodge Above, and would be obliged if you have that information to hand, I could update our Website "In Memoriam" page. If you do visit our "In Memoriam" page, please have your volume turned up on your computer.

I hope this has been of use to you?


Mon, 5th October 2015, 1:38pm (Sun, 10th May 2015, 1:38pm UTC-3552)

Just dropping by as both my father Archibald Campbell MM and my Godfather Thomas Lindsay MM were members of St Modan. I'm sure that my grandfather Thomas Campbell was also a longstanding member

I look forward to visiting you in person once I have passed my third degree, as I have heard much about the lodge throughout my lifetime. Perhaps tales of St Modan even contributed to my decision to become a Mason at last at the grand old age of 52.

Yours fraternally

Bro. David Campbell

ps please excuse any errors of etiquete; I am, after all, merely an apprentice at this stage.

David H Campbell EA St John Kilwinning No 57 Haddington

Thu, 23rd July 2015, 7:59pm

I Was Looking At Your Web Page With Interest, And Wondered If The Late James Strachan And Donald Bellshaw Were Members,.I worked Alongside Both At Garelochhead Coaches In The 1970 s,I Also New T. Love.I am A life Member Of Clydesdale 556 And Affiliated To Thorntree 512 My Mother Lodge Is Moorpark 1263.My Late Brother Was A Knights Templar, A Member of Lodge Chelsea ,And A Pm. Of Star And Phoenix 9286,His Stage Name Was J. T. Logan.I Shall Make My Stay Short#


Mon, 9th February 2015, 4:30pm (Wed, 2nd September 2015, 4:30pm UTC+4920)

Hi Bro. Robert,

It is good to get your feed-back on our visit to Lodge Loch Fyne and your appreciation of our Conferment. As you are now registered on our Website, you now have access to the fuller sites avialable to registerd members, including our Syllabus, where you can choose which Lodge night would suit you.
We hold our Meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month between September and May, annually.
It was a pleasure meeting you and look forward to hearing from
you, when you choose to come and visit us.

If you let me have your email address, I will email a copy of the Photo, of you and Bro. Steve Sheskey MM.

Fraternal gereetings to you.

Please pass on the Fraternal Greetings of our Right Worshipful Master, Bro.
Gordon R. Niven PM., his Wardens and the Brethren of Lodge St. Modan, Rosneath,
No. 1015.

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Bro. Brian E. Mullen PM Secretary

Fri, 6th February 2015, 2:36pm

I had the great pleasure of observing your MM Degree team confer the degree on Bro. Sheskey at the meeting of Lodge Loch Fyne No. 754 in Lochgilphead the evening of 5 February, 2015. The work was of superb standard and greatly appreciated by all present. I hope to visit your Lodge sometime in the future. My personal congratulations for work very well done indeed!

Bro. Robert Bocox PM/SE Capital Lodge No. 54 Wyoming (USA)