Lodge St. Modan, Rosneath No.1015


In Memoriam



Music from the Enigma Variations IX (Adagio) "Nimrod" by Sir Edward Elgar, circa: 1899

Performed by the Household Troops Band of the Salvation Army conducted by Major John Mott

Bro. Ian, William, Cameron, CAIRNS MM. Roll No. 474.
Affiliated to Lodge Mercantile Marine (Orkney & Zetland) No. 453. Raised: 20/08/2019

Bro. Donald, George, STEPHENSON LM. 

Roll No. 706.
Life Member:  Affiliated from Lodge St. George, Helensburgh No. 503 on - 14/12/1994. Raised: 02/07/2019
Bro. Edwin, Thomas, FERGUSON PM.  Life Member. Roll No. 495
54th Right Worshipful Master.   50 Year Certificate 18/03/2016 Raised: 24/02/2018
Bro. John, Miller, FISKEN MM. LM. Roll No. 486
50 Year Certificate 19/01/2016. Raised: 28/06/2017
Bro. Nicol SCOBIE MM. Roll No. 368
  Raised: 29/11/2015
Bro.  Murdoch, McLean, SKELLY MM. Roll No. 427
  Raised: 18/10/2015
Bro. Thomas, Palmer, HATRICK MM. Roll No. 518
Life Member. Raised: 29/05/2015

Bro. David MEE MM.

Affiliated to Lodge Scoon & Perth No.3, Past Master.

Roll No. 674
Provincial Grand Treasurer, Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire-East Raised: 14/05/2015
Bro. Norman, Scobie, SLEE MM Roll No. 642
  Raised: 12/05/2015
 Bro. Donald CAMPBELL MM.
 Roll No. 512
 Life Member.  Raised: 31/12/2014
Bro. John MUNRO MM. Roll No. 472
  Raised: 25/08/2014
Bro. James WELSH MM. Roll No. 453
 Life Member Raised: 12/10/2013
Bro. Andrew, Renfrew, Graham, THOMSON MM.  Roll No. 683 
Lodge Jeweller Raised: 15/09/2012
Bro. Graham A. C. SMITH MM. Roll No. 654
Affiliated from Lodge St. George Helensburgh No 503.  Raised: 01/07/2012
Bro. Alistair McVEY MM.  Roll No. 384
  Raised: 16/05/2012
Bro. Andrew, Baird, FERGUSON MM. BEM.  Roll No. 198
Life Member.  Raised: 05/05/2012
Bro. Ronald BAILEY MM.  Roll No. 366
  Raised: ??/01/2012
Bro. William MONTGOMERY MM. Roll No. 554
Life Member. Raised: 12/11/2011
Bro. Ian, Cartwright, CHARTERS PM.

Roll No. 438.

Life Member - 38th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 20/06/2011

Bro. George, Alfred, CHAPPELL PM.

Roll No. 330.

Life Member - 51st Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 15/01/2011

Bro. Ronald NEWTON MM.

Roll No. 591.

Life Member.

Raised: 31/05/2010


Honorary Member

Mother Lodge:- The Wear Valley Lodge No.1121 EC.

Raised: 14/02/2010

Bro. Trevor, Alfred, Harold, ELLWOOD FC.

Roll No. 634.


Raised: 08/12/2009

Bro. John, Gunn, MILLER Almoner

Roll No. 630.

Life Member.

Raised: 24/10/2009

Bro. John, Thomas, MARRIS PM.

Roll No. 609.

Life Member - 58th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 04/12/2008

Bro. Douglas, Robert, MILNE PM.

Roll No. 622.

50th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: ??/??/2008

Bro. Thomas, McNiven, LINDSAY MM. Roll No. 304
  Raised: 11/Jul/2007
Bro. Thomas, Bernhard, O’BRIEN-BARDEN MM.

Roll No. 581.

Past-Lodge Secretary.

Raised: 30/04/2006


Bro. Brian, Allan, NEILLY MM.

Roll No. 681.


Raised: 18/05/2005

Bro. Derek, Ian, Anthony, DAUGHTREY MM.

Roll No. 524.


Raised: 13/12/2004

Bro. Hayden, John, WILLIAMS MM.

Roll No. 568.

Life Member; Past-Lodge Treasurer.

Raised: 09/10/2003

Bro. William, Cobly,,LOVE PM.

Roll No. 561.

Life Member - 60th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 06/10/2003

Bro. Angus GILLIES MM.

Roll No. 452.


Raised: 17/10/2001

Bro. Ian, Horton, DRUMMOND PM.

Roll No. 477.

42nd Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 17/10/2001

Bro. John, Campbell, WOOD WJW.

Roll No. 714.


Raised: 02/07/2001

Bro. Andrew, Moodie, BELLSHAW Snr. MM.

Roll No. 658

Life Member.

Raised: 09/04/2001

Bro. Archibald, Henderson, CAMPBELL MM. Roll No. 430
  Raised: 27/09/2000

Bro. William DUNN MM.

Roll No. 487


Raised: 02/11/1999


Bro. Ian, James, FOWLIS WJW.

Roll No. 710.


Raised: 17/04/1998


Bro. John BLACK PM.

Roll No. 715.

Affiliated: - M.L. Lodge Cadder Freestone No. 1584.

Raised: 20/03/1996

Bro. Thomas, Forrest, RENNIE MM.

Roll No. 457.

Past - Lodge Treasurer

Raised: 16/11/1994

Bro. Thomas, Pierson, WINTER MM.

Roll No. 631.


Raised: 13/04/1994

Bro. Robert THORBURN PM.

Roll No. 296.

Life Member - 33rd & 37th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 09/03/1993



Bro. Thomas LOVE PM.

Roll No. 414.

43rd Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: ??/??/1992



Bro. James REID MM.

Roll No. 623.


Raised: 11/03/1990



Bro. Kenneth, Francis, John, HUTCHINS MM.

Roll No. 404.


Raised: 31/05/1988



Bro. Raymond, Gaugh, ROSS MM.

Roll No. 574.


Raised: 22/04/1988



Bro. Henry SLEE MM.

Roll No. 355.

Life Member.

Raised: ??/??/1988



Bro. John McLean MM.

Roll No. 257


Raised: 19/07/1986



Bro. John, Joseph, GILL MM.

Roll No. 507.

Life Member.

Raised: May 1986



Bro. Joseph COWAN PM

Roll No. 349.

Life Member - 34th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: 22/09/1985



Bro. Alexander, Findley, KIRKPATRICK MM.

Roll No. 489.

Life Member.

Raised: Aug 1981



Bro. Stephen GLENCORSE MM.

Roll No. 493.


Raised: Oct 1980



Bro. Duncan, Robert, GRANT MM.

Roll No. 614.


Raised: 05/05/1978



Bro. Arthur, William, GIBBINGS PM.

Roll No. 291

32nd Right Worshipful Master Bet. 1958-59. Raised: 10/10/1974

Bro. David, Scott, McKICHEN MM.

Roll No. 408.


Raised: ??/??/????



Bro. Thomas FERGUSON MM.

Roll No. 413.


Raised: ??/??/????



Bro. Robert KENNEDY MM.

Roll No. 395.


Raised: ??/??/????



Bro. John, Laurrence, YEARLEY PM. Life Member

Roll No. 480.

Affiliated: - M.L. Coila St. Andrew No. 1334 - 40th RWM.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Walter, Arthur, HATRICK MM.

Roll No. 497

Affiliated: - M.L. Renfrew County Kilwinning Lodge No. 370.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Andrew MELDRUM PM.

Roll No. 500

Affiliated: - M.L. St. John Dunfermline No. 26 - 41st RWM.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Duncan, Kirkland, TURNER MM.

Roll No. 533.


Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Alfred, Allistone, McGHEE PM.

Roll No. 587

48th Right Worshipful Master.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. John McLEAN Snr. MM.

Roll No. 621.


Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Donald, Nicholson, JOHNSTONE MM.

Roll No. 632.

Life Member.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Neil, MacLean, MARTIN MM.

Roll No. 646.


Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. David MARTIN MM.

Roll No. 661.

Affiliated: - M.L. Lodge St. Barchan No. 156.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. Robert, R., MILNE MM.

Roll No. 663.

Affiliated: - M.L. Lodge Thistle Glasgow No. 87.

Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. George, Henry, CLARKSON MM.

Roll No. 720.


Raised: ??/??/??



Bro. David, Christie, CALDERWOOD MM.

Roll No. 538

 Life Member

Raised: ??/??/20??